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Measure the quality of the work in your business with speech monitoring. Excellent for quick trending results & mapping out scripts against outcomes helps identify any issues for review. 

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Monitor Sales Effectively 

Using speech monitoring you can easily identify events with specific

sales agents. Flagging certain words & performing random checks to measure the quality of language used by agents will help with any red flag issues as well as effective training purposes. Speech monitoring will also help you evaluate top sales performers. 

Marketing Scripts.jpg

Marketing Scripts

Having the ability to understand which scripts of your team are effective against ones that aren't is extremely valuable for your company. We can help you easily identify topic/scripts that are lacking in the results you want & replace them with ones that do work saving you both time & money.

Costumer Retention.jpg

Costumer Retention
& Service

Understand more from your sales calls. What's keeping your clients coming back or indeed driving them away? Speech monitoring has more benefits than just numbers. Keep your brand consistency

with monitorisation & customer service impeccable through this service. 

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