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We can help you analyse key sta from all social media channels so that your brand can expand according to quality, reliable statistics. Understand your consumers more closely than ever before & find new market opportunities with our social media monitoring service. 

Why should you use social media?

Behind every successful company are social media accounts. Your business needs to reach as many channels as possible to attract as many consumers as possible.

Key monitoring points:

Post impact on sales engagements.jpg

Post impact on sales engagements

We break down clicks through individual posts created, purchase intentions & customer sentiments. No matter if there is negative or positive mentions in your SM posts, we extract all of this data in order to know what your potential clients prefer to see & engage with for higher conversion.

Follow the trend, the trend is your friend.jpg

Follow the trend, the trend is your friend

Keep up-to-date with emerging markets and understand when you should be putting together certain campaigns ahead of time to be released with the greatest impact. We even help source out influencers & partners for greater SM reach!

Data search & competition analysis.jpg

Data search & competition analysis

We put data into your language. Common search keywords, identifying abnormal patterns & reporting back to you the main type of consumer your product is attracting, is all part of the package. Our aim is to put data into reachable result for your business. In addition, our team will provide you with important data from your main competitors so that you can understand which campaigns & practices work best or maybe don't work at all in order for you to excel in your SM channels.

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