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If you have an App that your customers use, our App monitoring insights is a perfect analytical tool to give feedback on your customers experience which will be compared to major competitors in your businesses field. These analytics can be used to fully understand conversion, retention & a tool for any required improvements or updates needed so that your stay ahead of your competitors. 

How we use App monitoring

Compare key competitors.jpg

Compare key competitors

We measure the customer experience with your App in the application itself & compare this data with key competitors in your field. By extracting this data we can understand your conversion rates, customer satisfaction & retention. This analytical data is so important to get ahead of competitors today & is a practise any successful company should have. 

Strengthen your business model.jpg

Strengthen your business model

For any company that has a product or service online which can be retrieved in an App, you need to be able to understand how your App is performing, what clients think of it & identify how to improve the App's functionality. Access to this kind of data will help you strengthen your business model whether it be long or short term.

Track reviews & ratings.jpg

Track reviews & ratings

Ratings have an impact on your company in search. At Wiseworld Analytics Ltd we can help keep an eye on your star ratings & help you spot trends according to your App versions. By listening to your users, you will be able to improve your App in future updates as we will report back to you your crash statistics as well!

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